I guess I'm supposed to be smarter now…I'm officially through two full years of college. Whether or not I'm actually any smarter, more talented or even more educated because of it is debateable though. I'm definitely a better, more rounded person though.

I've done some shit, I've seen some shit, and I've had some shit done to me. I've made friends, lost friends, and had relationships stall out and crash alarmingly quickly.

I've had some fun, too. A few times my first year in college I came…nowhere close…to the level of satisfaction I've reached a few times this year. I've finally found the friends I really want to spend time with. I've finally found a potential career track. Now I just have to find a girl I can get along with.

Like I said though…I've lost some friends too. Some I lost on purpose, some may have lost me on purpose. Some I plan to go back to, some are coming back to me. In the end though, I've done a pretty thorough job of cycling out my social group. The only downside is that when you cycle social groups you cycle all of them, which always leaves a few behind. I do miss one or two of them…but they'll follow me out if they're worthwhile.