Google Spreadsheets Screenshot

So mere minutes after I made my last post about Google Browser Sync, I discovered yet another little gem in Google Labs. Apparently it was a big day for them and releasing betas of new stuff.

Their latest bit of genius is Google Spreadsheets, which just might put a good dent in the market for Microsoft Excel. At first glance it appears to have the 20% of features that satisfy 80% of Excel users.

It's a full sized spreadsheet, complete with multiple sheets like Excel or Openoffice. It does math, it sorts stuff, as a spreadsheet editor it appears to be nothing special.

If you know Google, though, you know that they never release anything unless it is something special. The sweet feature that really makes Google Spreadsheets interesting is collaboration. Leave it to Google to make something as basic and usually unthought of as a spreadsheet and interactive, team effort.

Multiple users can not only share a single spreadsheet, but they can all edit it at the same time.

I haven't had the chance to actually use it, because I don't have any data that requires a spreadsheet, much less anyone to share it with. Damnit…now I feel inferior.

Google Spreadsheets only accepts requests for membership at the moment, they're only allowing a limited number of users. I got my invitation email right quick though, under an hour.