dBpowerAMP Screenshotget dMC

dMC first caught my eye on some forum somewhere. I just happened across some MPC files, and I wanted to know what to use to convert them.

The original post:

DBPowerAmp’s dMC is all you need for your format conversion needs:


Free and its as easy as installing it then the appropriate codec from the list on their site and then right click to convert from any format to another. Both MP4 (.m4a) and Musepack (.mpc) are supported via codecs you can download.” (d-a-l.com damn .m4a and .mpc).

I couldn’t agree more, dMC is the audio converter I’ve always wanted.

So get dMC

UPDATE 06-26-06: I’ve come across something way better, and open source, I just can’t remember where now, keep coming back and I’ll have the link.