Portrait of JobyJoby Elliott is a 19 year old Studio Art major from Socorro, New Mexico. For those of you who don't know already, New Mexico is not some province of Mexico. It's a real state, just like our obnoxious neighbor Texas, or even Delaware even though it sucks there.Socorro is an…interesting place. At one point it was the teen pregnancy capitol of the state, at about the time the state was the teen capitol of the country. So there's no source to cite, but it's safe to say it's one of the worst places in the country when it comes to teen pregnancy.

These days though, he doesn't spend too much time in old Soco-Loco, as it has been lovingly dubbed by the younger generation of natives. He's kept busy going to college at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is also a pretty interesting place. It may be relatively small, with a mere half million people, but that doesn't keep it from delusions of grandeur. The one big claim to fame Albuquerque has is having the most drug related violence per capita of any US city. In your face, L.A.! People might get fucked up by drug dealers every day out there, but down in Albu-crazy it's more likely to happen to you.

Albuquerque isn't all drug-crime infested ghettos though. There's a thriving local music scene, an active enough night life down town, and more interesting people than any one person could ever meet.

To support himself, Joby is a semi-professional newspaper designer. Don't ask how that happened, he's still trying to figure it out himself. The fact is though, that he's pretty good at it, and has yet to meet another newspaper employee who isn't at least pretty cool.

The current love of his life is the Daily Lobo, the UNM newspaper where he is now in a position of power as Production Manager. The pay sucks, but the environment is awesome, and he got a sweet picture on the internet out of the deal. As well as a chance to write a zany biography (what you're reading now is zany biography version 2, now with more than a paragraph to work with!).

Really, Joby is just another guy trying to make it through the world without losing his mind, or making too much of an ass of himself. Some would say he's pretty smart though, and that goes a long way.


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