Newspaper Design

an earlier version of the cover, as it was yesterday:


and the cover as it is as of right now:



I thought this was funny when I spotted it. I just got home and opened up my Google home page with its fancy RSS reader, and saw the headline Casualties in big Palestinian attack on Israeli post. It seemed a little poorly written for a major news source like this, especially when they're on the web and they don't really have to worry so much about how it looks on the page. Web headlines tend to be short and sweet, but still pretty long and descriptive by print standards. They also tend to be proper English.

Then I clicked the link to the actual page, and saw that they had changed the headline since Google cached it. It now reads a much more exciting and descriptive Palestinians launch deadly raid from Gaza into Israel.

Apparently even big news sources aren't immune to writing bad headlines.

Highway 380 cover, getting close

I’m working on some art for the cover of a travel guide to Highway 380, which spans all of New Mexico. I just thought I’d post what I’ve got so far. I love the car, and the trees and ground are pretty cool too. The only thing that concerns me at this point is the sky. I need to insert a new one that wont look wrong like this one does.

I also had the viewpoint pulled back a little more at one point. That made some empty space in front of the car, which I’ve decided looked much better. That bit of empty space threw off the way it’s so symmetrical now, and created some tension, and made it look like the car might actually be about to go somewhere.

Highway 380 Cover Art