Site News

20060801-goodbye.jpgSo long, WordPress, you’ve been great to me. Unfortunately I’m not going to be hosting here any more. I just can’t take it any more, the total lack of control over the programming and design of my site. I’ve wanted to do more than just blog, but with WordPress that just won’t happen.

So I just signed up with, I bought the domain name and I should be setting up shop there shortly.

WordPress has been quite a boon to me though. I originally set up an account just on a whim, but it quickly rekindled my love of being in charge of a website. So now, with the fire back in my belly, I’m moving on to bigger, better things as I plan to resume development of ECO, my master plan for making a CMS.

So long everybody.


At last, I’ve gotten my shit together enough to put together the first bits of my guide to free software. At the moment the whole list consists of uTorrent and nothing else…but hey, it’s a start.

Joby’s Free Software Guide

WordPress has finally allowed me to use a custom header image.  Unfortunately, to do that I am limited to the Connections theme, which is narrower than my old one, and a fixed width to boot.  This means some of my images are a little too big now, so watch out.

I'll be going through old posts over the next day or so to trim down any overly large images, so just be patient.