20060731-calm.jpgSlower breathing may lower blood pressure (Yahoo! News)

So maybe this is why we have so many heart attacks in America: we need a scientific study to realize that calming down lowers our blood pressure.

Slow, deep breathing does relax and dilate blood vessels temporarily, but that’s not enough to explain a lasting drop in blood pressure, says NIH’s Anderson.

Here’s a thought, maybe everything isn’t a medical problem, needing a medical solution. Maybe what people with high blood pressure need isn’t a new medicine. Maybe all it takes to calm your heart is to calm your mind.

The concept that high blood pressure is a disease, that being wound too tight is a disease, strikes a sour note with me. It’s just too close to treating obesity as a disease, and the subsequent alleviation of personal responsibility.

When physicians tell people “you have high blood pressure, but we have a pill for that,” they remove the patient’s own attitude as a potential cause of the problem.  What if they tried saying “hey, you’re wound too tight, try calming down a little bit?” I’ll tell you what would happen then, people would get cured and drug companies wouldn’t sell quite so many pills.

So that’s another thing that should happen but never will.

At least until people stop looking for a pill to cure anything.

Is a pothead smoking a joint to take the edge off life really any different from a stressed out businessman popping blood pressure pills on his commute through rush hour?

Both are people without enough control over their own minds to slow them down without drugs.  The only real difference is that the pothead at least realizes that the drugs are there to calm his mind, but the businessman doesn’t even see that his mind and body are connected.


Museum exhibits a creationist viewpoint – Yahoo! News

I've had it with these goddamn people, here's my favorite part of the whole article. Mostly it's my favorite because it pretty much sums up the total lack of perspective these people have.

"Another exhibit confirms that dinosaurs, like all land creatures created on Day 6, were on Noah's Ark. The exhibit maintains that the ark could accommodate them because it was huge–450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high–and only smaller, adolescent dinosaurs were put on board."

Do they seriously think that 1,518,750 cubic feet (not even taking into account the structural elements you need to make a ship not collapse) is enough to hold TWO of every animal species that has ever been? What the hell is wrong with these people?

Ok, I don't know much about taking care of animals and disregarding the fact that bones CAN'T fossilize in the time periods these people think the world has existed, but let's take a look at how many animals there are in the world. I found this USGS Page that talks about the number of known dinosaurs, and gives it in relation to the number of current animals. They say there are 700 dinosaur species, with probably 700-900 more that haven't been discovered yet. Just to be nice and easy on the damn creationists, let's cut the estimate in half and say 1,150 species of dinosaurs.

Now let's see how much space each species would get if Noah and his family stayed on the roof of the ark and only took dinosaurs, letting the rest of the animals drown. 1,518,750 cubic feet divided by 1,150 is a little over 1,300 cubic feet. That's a little over a 10x10x10 room to store two animals, as well as the food to feed them for over a month.

Now let's add the animals alive today into the equation. I actually couldn't find an estimate of the number of animals in the world, but I did find the numbers for just Canada. So from now on we'll see if Noah could have saved the dinosaurs and Canada.

According to this page Canada has 662 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. I omitted anything that MIGHT live in the water, because I want to make it as easy as possible for these people to make some bit of sense. That's a total of 1,812 species, which gives each one a little over 800 cubic feet.

That could maybe be done, so let's see if he could also save Australia, Australia has 1,745 species of mammals, birds and reptiles, bringing the total up to 3,557. This brings the space for each animal down to 425 cubic feet. That's a room with a 7.5×7.5×7.5 room, to hold 2 animals and the food to feed them for a month.

I still haven't found a number for the animals in the world that doesn't include insects, but I found this page with the number of birds in a few places. Let's add the birds of Guatemala to the equation, because they're most likely to be different from the ones in Canada and Australia, there are 1525 species of birds in Guatemala alone. That brings to total number to 5,082 species Noah would have to cram onto his boat to save the dinosaurs, Canada, Australia and the Birds of Guatemala. That's 300 cubic feet per species, 150 cubic feet per animal. That means to save just this small portion of the animals creationists think Noah fit on an ark, each animal would have an average of a 5x5x5 space to keep it and all its food for 40 days.

I've written this completely disregarding all the plants that would be destroyed by the flood, and the MILLIONS of species of insects. I feel like I've made my point, but before I close I have one more thing to say.

After being underwater for 40 days, all the plants in the world would be dead, and Noah and all his animals would fucking starve to death once the flood receded anyway. Creationism is nonsense, and anybody who believes it is a fucking moron.