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I’ve always really wanted to use bookmarks. I can’t possibly remember EVERY site that I want to go back to sometime. I can usually remember how to Google to it, but that’s way slower than clicking on a bookmark. Also, if I forget completely about a site there’s no bookmark for me to stumble across.

Bookmarks have never really worked out for me though, because between constantly moving between my various work and home computers and reformatting my home computers constantly…I just can’t hold onto them.

Thanks to Google though, those days are over. Their new Firefox extension, Google Browser Sync, uploads my cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, history and tab configuration to Google, where they store it encrypted using a password of my choosing. Now I can install this extension at work, have all my logins preserved, all my saved passwords (which I don’t use, but it might be cool to some people), bookmarks, and even my history at my fingertips.

Thank you, Google.

Get Google Browser Sync

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