20060721-computer-rose.jpgAnyone who has ever tried to find a piece of software to do something specific knows, the internet is full of free software. Some is actually free and actually useful, but not much. Aan awful lot of it is either pure crap, not useful, bug-ridden and unuseable, malware in disguise (that’s the worst), or simply put: not really free.

So this guide is my answer to all that. I’ve spent ages sifting through all the garbage to bring you this list, the cream of the crop of free software that will actually make your life easier.

The list is arranged into categories based on different categories of tasks. Whithin each category there is a list of recommended software, along with each recommendation there is a short description of it, some sort of image, and links to any choice posts about it.

So let’s get started; what do you want to do with your computer?


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