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First off, just to be safe, I’d like to note that I am in now way endorsing piracy of copyrighted materials. All information provided on this page is intended for use in a legitimate, legal manner. There are valid reasons to use any P2P software, despite what a few fascists would have us believe.

Now the big question is how would you like to download software? At the moment Bittorrent is all the rage, and there are countless files out there for your downloading pleasure.

Bittorrent does take a little getting used to though, if you’ve never used it before.

A Quick Introduction to Bittorrent

The single fact of bittorrent that confuses almost every newbie is the fact that something unexpected happens when you go to a site and click “download” next to the file you want. Lo and behold: this isn’t what you want to download, all you get is some tiny little file with a mysterious .torrent extension on it.

Most people give up right there, but the next step is so easy that it breaks my heart to see people pass it up as “too hard.”

That .torrent file is, in fact, not the file you want to watch, listen to, execute, or whatever. The .torrent file is just a set of instructions for how to go about getting some file, used by a bittorrent client to actually get the file for you.

Getting a Bittorrent Client

When it comes to Bittorrent clients, there’s only one you’ll ever need:

download | homepage | official faq
When it comes to bittorrent clients, uTorrent simply can’t be beat. It’s the fastest, it’s the most efficient, it’s the most reliable, it’s without a doubt the very best.
Configuring uTorrent 1.6 for maximum utility and stability


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